High Temperature Fans/Blowers (Hi-Temp)

Plug Fan
LS Ready Unit
UC Arrangement 1

500F (260C) Construction

750F (400C) Construction

1,200F (650C) Construction

1,450F (800C) Construction


These easy to install fans, featuring v-belt drive and integrally mounted motors are unusually versatile. They are ideally suited for air re-circulation and easy installation. The standard fan is for clean air up to 500F. However, with modifications the air-stream temperatures can reach 1800F, and move almost any type of corrosive or toxic fumes. DF Fan Centrufugal Forward Curved Designed Plug Fan assemblies answer the exacting quiet operating requirements of commercial and public buildings, the heavy-duty demands of industrial service, and the strict requirements of the OEM.


  • Industrial high temperature applications such as: Dryers, Paint/Powder Coat Systems, Washers, or Bake-Off Ovens, Heat Treat, Annealing
  • Oven re-circulation
  • Furnace re-circulation


  • Class II and III, Heavy-duty construction for added years of service.
  • Mill galvanized steel fan wheel with cast iron hub
  • Available in Stainless Steel, Monel (Nickel-400) and other metals.
  • Dynamically balanced fan wheels.
  • Fully welded frames.
  • Heavy steel shaft and cast iron pillowblock bearings.
  • Ready-to-Run complete assemblies
  • 15 fan sizes.
  • High grade paint treatment, after compplete sand blast.
  • Centrufugal forward curved fan wheel for quiet performance.
  • V-Belt Drives.
  • Inlet rings and housings available.
  • Insulation Plugs available in multiple sizes.

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