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Complete fan assemblies and parts for supplying combustion air for oil , gas and coal firing. Built in 11 basic sizes with capacities from 200 to 24,000 CFM at static pressures to 10" W.G. and vortex control for improved volume regulation and power saving.

Development and perfection of Uni-Combustion Fans stemmed from long experience in the mechanical draft field. As a result, these fans are widely preferred in packaged type equipment for supplying combustion air for oil gas and coal firing. Uni-Combustion Fans are also used for other industrial applications, such as oven circulating fans, and exhaust fans.
Long trouble-free life.

Compact, high capacity design for minimum space.

Wide range of sizes to match exact capacity requirements.

Vortex Control for improved volume regulation and power saving.

Parts available for built-in installations. Complete fans with motors, available for low installation costs.

Reliable capacity ratings.

Standard parts stocked for quick delivery.

Special arrangements and constructions available.

Uni-Combustion Fans are built in eleven basic sizes with capacities ranging from 200 to 24,000 CFM at static pressures to 10" WG. Ratings of the basic sizes are shown in the capacity table. To match diverse volume requirements at direct connected motor speeds, many sizes are also furnished in narrow widths. Available housing and wheel widths are shown in the tables following the capacity table. Method of computing the performance of narrow width fans is shown in the footnote to the capacity table. Where required, and on special order, banded wheels can be furnished to reduce the effective width. When Vortex Control is supplied, and excess fan capacity is available, a stop can be furnished to limit the Vortex Control Opening, thus limiting the capacity and horsepower.
The above selection versatility enables the user to match nearly every performance requirement within the capacity range.

Uni-Combustion Wheels are of the forwardly curved blade type which deliver maximum capacity for a given diameter.
Sizes 1/2through 13/8 have 48 blades and sizes 13/8 special through 2 have 60 blades. Die cut tenons on blade ends for sizes 1/2 through 11/4 extend through corresponding slots in both rim and backplate and are securely attached. On sizes 13/8 and larger, the ends of the blades are flanged and multiple riveted to rim and backplate. In addition, full width wheels sizes 1 and larger, and smaller sizes over 6000 ft./min. tip speed, are peripherally reinforced as standard. This construction produces an inherently strong and rigid wheel.
Wheel hubs may be external for mounting on motor shaft with external accessibility to setscrews, or they may be internal. Hub bores are furnished with standard keyways and are stocked to match all standard motor shafts.Hubs
have one setscrew for 1/2" and 5/8" bores and two setscrews, 90 apart, for larger bores. Tapped wheel puller holes are available as an extra feature.
All Uni-Combustion wheels are precision balanced, statically and dynamically, using the most modern equipment.
Uni-Combustion fan housings are symmetrical so that they are interchangeable for either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation. Both housing sides are made with an opening large enough to install or remove the wheel Eight tapped holes around each opening permit the housing to be rotated to any of eight discharges. Outlets of standard housings are arranged for slip connection. Flanged connection is available on special order.
Housings for sizes1/2 and5/8 are one piece cast iron with round outlet.
Housing for sizes 3/4 and larger are fabricated from sheet steel and have rectangular outlets. Side sheets
are secured to the scroll by a welded joint. Outlets on sizes 11/2 and larger are angle reinforced. Inlet rings with or without vortex control are thin-wall cast iron for all sizes except the 13/8 and 11/2 which are supplied with fabricated steel cones when vortex control is required.
Inlet screens are available for all sizes.

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