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Forward Curved & Backward Inclined Fan Wheels

The standard Fume Hood Fan is equipped with a low speed (LS) Forward Curved impeller. As an extra cost item, a Backward Inclined (MS) non-overloading impeller is available for sizes 1 and 1-1/4. The standard wheel is manufactured from mill galvanized steel with a cast iron hub. Monel, Stainless steel, Aluminum and coated steel wheels are available for all corrossion and spark resistant applications. All wheels are balanced both statically and dynamically.


A basic feature of the Fume Hood Fan is the heavy cast iron housing. Cast Iron is inherently resistant to corrosion and the thick wall will give many years of service, even without our standard protective coatings. Where conditions are especially severe, however, the cast iron housing and airstream may be coated with vinyl, phenolic, epoxy, and other air-dried coatings for added service life.

V-Belt Drives

Fume Hood Fans have adjustable drives to permit limited changes in fan RPM as may be required by varying conditions. The entire drive is completly contained within the unit framework and the weather cover. Increases in fan speed (by adjusting motor pulley) should not be done without first consulting the applicaton performance table to avoid overloading the motor. Each drive has cast iron sheaves to further improve quiet operation and service life.

Weather Cover

Outdoor covers offer ventilated protection for v-belt drive, motor and bearings as well as serving as a saftey guard. These covers are easily removed for convenient access to all moving parts.

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