Fan Wheels

DF Wheel - DWDI

UC Wheel - SWSI

Fan Rotation

All wheels are Centrifuigal Forward Curved Design (squirrel Cage).

Wheel Diameters range from 6-3/4" through 33-1/4". Partial width wheels are available.

Standard Construction is mill galvanized steel with a cast iron hub. Heavy duty Class II. Ideally suited for high Speed / High Temperature applications. All Wheels and Housings are available in Steel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Monel (nickel 400), etc.

Temperature Limits

  • 500 F - Standard Mill Galvanized Steel Construction
  • 750 F - Steel Construction with Hi-Temp Coating & Balancing
  • 1200 F - All Stainless Steel Construction
  • 1800 F - Nickel Alloy Construction

Construction Materials

  • Mill Galvanized Steel - Standard
  • Aluminum
  • Stainless Steel
  • Monel (Nickel-400)
  • Other Metals

Sizes 1/2 through 1-3/8 have 48 blades and sizes 1-3/8 special through 2-1/2 have 60 blades. Die cut tenons on blade ends for sizes 1/2 through 1-1/4 extend through corresponding slots in both rim and backplate and are securely attached. On sizes 1-3/8 and larger, the ends of the blades are flanged and multiple riveted to rim and backplate. In addition, full width wheels sizes 1 and larger, and smaller sizes over 6000 ft./min. tip speed, are peripherally reinforced as standard. This construction produces an inherently strong and rigid wheel.

Wheel hubs may be external for mounting on motor shaft with external accessibility to setscrews, or they may be internal. Hub bores are furnished with standard keyways and are stocked to match all shafts. Hubs have one setscrew for 1/2" and 5/8" bores and two setscrews, 90 apart, for larger bores. Tapped wheel puller holes are available as an extra feature. Metric bores are available

All wheels are precision balanced, statically and dynamically, using the most modern equipment.

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